Classical Source – 5 stars

“the players interpreted Haydn in a manner which suggests that they were devoted to bringing out the inner meaning of his music”

“The momentarily forceful moments were contrasted in a thrilling manner and the lyrical melodies were deeply moving”

The Strad Magazine

“Eloquent…Outstanding…[Their debut Haydn CD] is performed with spontaneity and flair”

The Sunday Times

“Elegant but honest eloquence especially affecting in slow movements”

Planet Hugill – 4 1/2 stars

“Exemplary performances” and “articulating the drama of the music brilliantly”

“This is modern instrument playing for our plural age where [Historical Instrumental Performance] and modern can sit side by side and influence each other”

Upcoming Events

November 4, 20201:10 pm

St. James Piccadilly

Lunchtime concert featuring Haydn Op. 20 No.1 and Mendelssohn Op.13

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November 27, 20205:00 pm

Leamington Music Festival

Performing at 5pm and 8pm, featuring works by Czech composers Bodorova and Tausky alongside Haydn, Beethoven and Mendelssohn

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December 5, 20203:00 pm

String Quartet Academy

We are thrilled to announce our first ever Digital Quartet Academy experience. Join us on December 5th, 6th, and 7th for a look into the fundamentals of string quartet technique.

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February 7, 20213:00 pm

Dorking Concertgoers

Haydn Op. 64 No. 4, Mozart Quartet No.22 K 589, Schubert Quartet No. 15 D. 887

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February 21, 20213:00 pm

Dorking Concertgoers

Haydn Op. 77 No.1, Schubert Quartettsatz D. 703, Beethoven Op. 132

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March 21, 20213:00 pm

Dorking Concertgoers

Haydn Op. 20 No.1, Schubert Quartet No. 10 D. 87, Mendelssohn Op. 13

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May 2, 202112:00 pm

Fundación Juan March, Madrid

May 3, 202112:00 pm

Fundación Juan March, Madrid